Slow Down

When was the last time you actually took the time? Time to simply slow down, enjoy the day Time to allow your inner child to come out and play Time to be idle; observe the cycle of nature Time to witness the miracles of our Maker God has been returning me to my roots. It began through a reconnection with my first

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WOVEN GNO: When Life Becomes 911

Anyone who is old enough to remember September 11, 2001, will never forget: the day the towers fell in NYC.  A line was drawn in the sand dividing the past from the future. That single moment of time reminded the entire world that the future is unpredictable, unknown… just one moment, one day, one event can

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The Gift of Innocence

My daughter Nicole and I will be speaking this Wednesday, Sept. 3rd, at Licking Memorial Hospital to Break the Silence of Childhood Sexual Abuse. This article addresses the reason we are committed to sharing our story: to protect the innocence of children and to aid in the healing of those who have been robbed of their

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LIFE LESSONS: Courage to Begin

I’m an artist, writer, speaker. An initiator, leader, dreamer, visionary. All of these require Courage. Courage to begin. But sometimes I get stuck. Lack of vision, opportunity? Occasionally. More often than not, I’m overwhelmed with all the possibilities. When I find myself in that place, indecision grips me. Indecision promotes procrastination. Procrastination opens the door to fear and failure. I am

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Woven GNO: Self-Image

Our August Girls’ Night Out rocked! 62 women from 6+ churches came together for worship and the word. Here’s a sample from my notes: Can you remember when you were first aware of your weight? I was in 2nd grade. My mother would send me out the door, but just as the bus was reaching the stop, I was suddenly ill

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Life Lessons: The Nitty Gritty

My grandsons Jude and Isaac playing in the sand   The nitty gritty truth? I love the beach. Hate the sand. An oxymoron? I suppose so. After all, the beach is sand and sand is the beach: a beautiful host to the immense ocean. It provides a homecoming for the tide. It harbors hidden treasures, empty shells, a foreground for unending

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Woven Girls’ Night Out 1-2-3!

WE ARE LOVING OUR GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT!! Yes, there is a double meaning intended in this statement because LOVING OUR GALS and LOVING GOD is what we’re all about!! AND…When we have an entire evening devoted to exactly that? Well, it’s pretty amazing!! Yes, it is! Our 1st WGNO was in June, but in my heart it

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Woven Women JAPAN UPdate

We love hearing from our Woven sisters in Japan. Leader Tash Horner (the blonde in picture) recently sent this update on her group… We have completed the fourth Woven evening! We’ve had a shift in the group with one lady leaving and going back to America and two lovely new ladies joining us. I’ve found that are connecting more

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty. I have loved this woman since the day I first knew of her. Even as a child, she fascinated me, stirring a longing deep within for “Liberty and Justice for All.” Her beauty astounded me. Her majesty–I could not escape!   No matter how many times I’ve spied her via photo, freeway, ferry, boat, from the sky above

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Woven: It’s Girl Time!!

I was up with the birds this morning~ they were very chipper and chirping at 4am! I couldn’t help but share their joy, their songs of expectation. After a long vacation, I feel like a solar-powered Energizer Bunny! I’ve stored up lots of energy and Vitamin D: ready to roll with Woven Women! I’ve truly

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