Woven GNO: The Nook Challenge!

My Nook. An outside Look

My Nook: An Outside Look!

I just love having women in my NOOK! I’ve discovered that women love being invited for coffee (tea for me, please!), breakfast, brunch, or just to chat. (Read about my Nook in the sidebar to the right :). I often share photos from my Nook on Facebook, but this picture gives you an inside look from the outside and a glimpse of how cozy it truly is.

At our October Girls’ Night Out, Woven Leaders shared their “Nook” photos. I had challenged the leader team to find their Nook and invite women for coffee or conversation. Woven Leader Kitty Roahrig then passed the baton to all the women at our Girls’ Night Out. The Nook Challenge:

Never Overlook Opportunities to Konnect!Kitty with the pigs

As you can see in this picture, Kitty has taken this acronym seriously!! Now, we’re not recommending (or implying) that your NOOK is a pigsty, but so often we think that our house has to be perfect in order to invite others in. But, NOit’s OKYour Nook can be anyplace that you choose! Be creative! Invite someone to your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, park. ANY place can be a GREAT place for you to Konnect! (it’s the company that counts!)

The sad thing is: most of us are starving for friendship, but we’re waiting to be invited, waiting to be pursued, waiting for friends to come to us. But if we truly want a friend, we can make it happen. The burden is on me…and you!


Jesus commands us:

“love your neighbor as yourself.”

Our Woven purpose statement reiterates:

“I want you Woven into a tapestry of love.”

We tend to think of Love as a noun, an object, a possession, something we sit and wait to receive; but it’s actually a verb


We tend to be lazy when it comes to loving. We don’t want to take the first step, make the first move. We’re afraid: afraid of being real, taking off our mask, afraid of uncovering our labels, our wounds, our past. When we reach out and BE A FRIEND? We discover that we’re not alone. In fact, we have so much in common!

So who needs God around you?

Pray. Pursue them.

Ask great questions. Share your struggles and your God.

Dream of ways you can meet their needs.

Seek relationships with people outside of your circles.

Invite them to YOUR NOOK.

If you get a group together, you can use our Woven lessons to go deeper with each other and with God. You don’t have to be a Bible Scholar…there’s no homework required…it’s already done for you!!

Great conversations come from great questions and honest answers: THAT’S WOVEN!!

But if you don’t have time to pull all that together?

INVITE someone to our Woven GIRLS NIGHT at Real Life Church, 24 Mill Street, Newark, Ohio!

Tuesday, November 4th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Thursday, December 4th, 6:30-8:30pm

OR, Invite them to our 4th Woven Women’s Marketplace & Boutique on Saturday, November 15th, 9-2 at Newark Naz, 200 South Williams Street, Newark, Ohio.




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