Finding the Merry in Christmas

Oh Holy Night. Photos From My Nook. CK StiversonLooking for some Merry in your Christmas? Have your HO-HO-HO’s turned to BAH-HUM-BUGS?

We find the Merry in Christmas by peering into the face of Christ.

Ah! the cherub innocence of a newborn babe! December 19, 2008, I witnessed the birth of my first grandson. What a glory to behold! Nothing could compare to this Technicolor experience. As one who is squeamish at the sight of blood, I knew early in life that I would never be a nurse or doctor. Yet, watching this babe emerge from my one and only child was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The artist within was entranced by the color of it all: the white of the umbilical cord, the blue of the veins, the red of the blood.

It magnified the miracle!

The miracle of birth brought new wonder to my world. The miracle of the Child of Christmas was amplified in my heart. As I sang the Angels’ songs, my heart rejoiced in depths I’d never known. “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!” I had just experienced great joy as a new grandmother. I wanted to proclaim it to the world! “O come, let us adore Him!” Peering into that baby’s face was a far greater gift than anything on my Christmas list. Alas! I understood! What a miracle: this birth, this one-and-only Son of God! Christ IS the Merry of Christmas!

We find the Merry in Christmas by listening to Mary, Mother of Christ. 

The words Angel Gabriel spoke to Mary were incredulous. Having a baby without having sex? Birthing God’s only son? She was just a child herself. Her words lift off the pages of our Bibles and fall heavy on our ears. Do you hear them? Do you feel the reality of it all?

“I am the Lord’s Servant. May everything you have said about me come true.”

This is the attitude of Mary…and Merry. This would not be an easy path, but without argument or question, Mary accepted the Lord’s plans over her own. She wanted to please God. She wanted to serve Her Maker, to fulfill His plans and purposes for her life. She would be Merry just being Mary, the person God created her to be; doing what she was created to do.

We find the Merry in Christmas by identifying with the Mary of Christmas.

We find the Merry of Christmas when we survey our circumstances.

I confess that too often I focus on the have-nots of life and lose sight of the immensity of what I have. We all agree that the greatest treasures can’t be bought with Kohl’s cash and wrapped in a box (though we all delight in giving and receiving trinkets of every size).

When I feel angry, dissatisfied, negative, critical of others, not-very-merry…I know I’ve lost focus on what matters to God.

It’s time to survey my circumstances through His lenses. He is rich in mercy and grace. He restores an attitude of gratitude. The Prince of Peace settles deep and we are content to JUST BE. Embrace the stillness of His presence. As we close our eyes in prayer, He opens our hearts to see the ones who could use a kind deed, an encouraging word, a gift, a hug.

We find Merriment in spite of our personal predicament.

 The Christ of Christmas is the Merry of Christmas.

He is our hope, our joy, our peace, our purpose. I realize these words sometimes fall on deaf ears as simply platitudes or hollow promises when you’re not feeling it. Feelings are transient, they come and go, up and down. But the Word of the Lord lasts forever. Choose hope. Choose peace.

Choose Christ and choose to find the Merry of Christmas.

Merry Christmas! I pray you truly experience the Merry of Christmas.

In His Love,







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