Notes from the Nook

Finding the Merry in Christmas

Looking for some Merry in your Christmas? Have your HO-HO-HO's turned to BAH-HUM-BUGS? We find the Merry in Christmas by peering into the face of Christ. Ah! the cherub innocence of a newborn babe! December 19, 2008, I witnessed the birth of my first grandson. What a glory to behold! Nothing could compare to this Technicolor experience. As one who is squeamish at the sight of blood, I knew early in life that I would never be a nurse or doctor. Yet, watching this babe emerge from my one and only child was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The artist within was entranced by the color of it all: the white of the umbilical cord, the blue of the veins, the red of the blood. It magnified the miracle! The miracle of birth brought new wonder to my world. The miracle of the Child of Christmas was amplified in my heart. As I sang the Angels' songs, my heart rejoiced in depths I'd never known. "Joy to the world, the Lord is come!" I had just experienced great joy as a new grandmother. I wanted to proclaim it to the world! "O come, let us adore Him!" Peering into that baby's face was a far [...]

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Reason to Fly!

I watched the process of birthing and nurturing a family from my window this past year. Male and female became mates and nested in our ready-made house. Equally excited, they did their best to ready it as an incubator. One going in to tidy things up. The other waiting to check the progress. One such day, I observed the Mrs. toting an extra long piece of grass--twice the length of their new home. The Mr. was standing guard from above-- then popped down there and pushed the opposite end into the hole-- as a true helpmate should! Weeks later, a choir of triplets announced their birth. Incessant baby-chirps insisted on needing fed. Then one day, my "Nook" guests and I were entertained as Momma gave her babes their first flight instructions. Tiny bodies dressed in soft downy feathers aligned the roof of our car port. Momma B hurriedly fetched a beak-full of energy food for each to fuel their first flight. One by one, they spread their wings. Most of their movement was down-not-up! They landed on the driveway. By the month of August, the in-and-out traffic of that tiny house was nearly nonstop. Five sparrows still consider it their home. Some days they must wait their turn to go inside. The sides of the little house bulge with [...]

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A Day of REST

We could all use one! Sounds so good this time of year, doesn't it? By now we're all feeling a bit rough around the edges, rushing against the clock to pull things together for the holidays. Seriously! Who has time for a day of rest?  Rest is more than just a good idea. It's one of the original Ten Commandments of God for His people. “Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy." Exodus 20:8 Every age group was included. This command was not meant just for people over-the-hill! "the seventh day is a Sabbath day of rest dedicated to the Lord your God. On that day no one in your household may do any work. This includes you, your sons and daughters, your male and female servants, your livestock, and any foreigners living among you." Imagine: permission for everyone to just stop all the activity--even cooking--and JUST REST! No-guilt type of rest. Needed rest. Faith required rest. Commitment to rest. AHHH! Sounds so yummy, doesn't it? I'm trying to visualize the power of what it must have been like for an entire community to observe this at the same time! WOW! The Sabbath is a day of worship. The Sabbath is more than just [...]

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Woven GNO: The Nook Challenge!

My Nook: An Outside Look! I just love having women in my NOOK! I've discovered that women love being invited for coffee (tea for me, please!), breakfast, brunch, or just to chat. (Read about my Nook in the sidebar to the right :). I often share photos from my Nook on Facebook, but this picture gives you an inside look from the outside and a glimpse of how cozy it truly is. At our October Girls' Night Out, Woven Leaders shared their "Nook" photos. I had challenged the leader team to find their Nook and invite women for coffee or conversation. Woven Leader Kitty Roahrig then passed the baton to all the women at our Girls' Night Out. The Nook Challenge: Never Overlook Opportunities to Konnect! As you can see in this picture, Kitty has taken this acronym seriously!! Now, we're not recommending (or implying) that your NOOK is a pigsty, but so often we think that our house has to be perfect in order to invite others in. But, NO-it's OK! Your Nook can be anyplace that you choose! Be creative! Invite someone to your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, park. ANY place can be a GREAT place for you to Konnect! (it's the [...]

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Slow Down

When was the last time you actually took the time? Time to simply slow down, enjoy the day Time to allow your inner child to come out and play Time to be idle; observe the cycle of nature Time to witness the miracles of our Maker God has been returning me to my roots. It began through a reconnection with my first BFF: my childhood friend and neighbor. Resurrected memories burst forth of so much life, play, simplicity, wonder. I realized how much of my life had been spent in the woods. I longed for the simple, quiet, rhythms of life. God had this in mind and paved the path for this process. It began with a stay at Sts. Peter & Paul Retreat Center. The weather could not have been more perfect. A simple walk in the woods burst forth reminders everywhere: This is where I began. This was my escape to never-never land. The woods: my childhood playhouse with endless wonder and possibilities! Oh how I had missed: The Woods! I was in awe of how God had clothed a fallen log with beautiful ruffles upon ruffles, and was reminded of Jesus' words in Matthew 6: Instead of looking at the fashions, walk out into the fields and look at the wildflowers. They never primp or shop, but have you ever seen [...]

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I Will Not Be Silent…

I apologize for being silent. The past 30 days have taken me to Williamsburg, Virginia to speak at the Secrets Conference, then to Las Vegas for the Arbonne International Global Training Conference, and this past weekend to Washington D.C. for the End Exploitation Summit. These events have left me somewhat speechless: not for lack of thought but for lack of time to process the multitude of thoughts. This attempt feels like a tiny stab in a vast darkness, which has produced a more grandiose gratitude in my heart for the grace of God. Grace that sheds light. Grace that exposes darkness. Grace that is greater than sin. It was an honor to be the closing speaker of the Secrets Conference, to shed light on the problem of childhood sexual abuse. I was blessed to be among a team of eight presenters, each bringing a different angle and aspect of this social problem...out of the darkness, into the light. Even greater to be the speaker who's role was to offer HOPE to others. The End Exploitation Summit came as a bookend to the Secrets Conference. A group of about 200 leaders from across the U.S. and a few other countries gathered to grow in our understanding [...]

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Notes from the Nook: REpurposed

February 9th marked our first full year in "this old house"! I have to say I am loving my Nook more than ever. It truly is a happy place, a sweet hideaway for serving precious guests and sharing with open hearts. Surprisingly, the Nook is even becoming my little get-away with the Lord -- doing my devotions --  when my office seems too consumed with business. It's funny how my perspective has changed since we first moved in. I was on a mission to REdo, REplace! The light fixture in the Nook was atrocious to me; and I was thinking the one in the dining room just had to go.  Consumed with the process of fitting into this smaller home, those minor details (that were major in my mind) had to be shelved for later. As I updated and decorated the Nook, that awful light fixture got even more awful. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the New Look of the Nook! Ugh! We shopped till we dropped, heads tilted, looking for lights at Lowes, Home Depot, and the like. But the problem in REplacing it? It's so old that there is no wall switch--the switch is in the light itself. The solution to the problem? I have to give My Boy [...]

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Notes from the Nook: Save the Date!

Good Morning! I love a slow Saturday morning. Even better when it's a snowy one! Yesterday, I spent some tea-time with a special Valentine here in the Nook: Melissa Anderson, our Woven Worship Leader stopped by and caught me in my slow-mode! (thus the sleepy-eyed pic). We had some great conversation, some of which was about our upcoming... WOVEN WEEKEND, FRIDAY NIGHT, APRIL 4 & SATURDAY, APRIL 5. Yes, ladies, you'll want to mark your calendars for this one! The theme is FREEDOM! Our special guest on Saturday is my own flesh and blood, aka: my AMAZING daughter Nicole Bromley. She is a true Freedom-Fighter, sharing her story of sexual abuse and her mission to abolish sexual slavery. Her ministry, One Voice has been a source of newfound freedom for millions through her speaking, writing, and interviews in the US, Canada, Africa, and Cambodia. You see why I am such a proud Momma and excited for you to meet her? She will leave an eternal mark on your life for Jesus. Friday night, as always, will be a power-packed evening of praise and worship and prayer. EVERYONE is welcome... We expect to see YOU there!! What does FREEDOM look like to you? Leave your [...]

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