Creating Quiet Spaces: JOY!!

    When life gets "noisy", I often recall  my mother's words when she grew weary of her five children, "I sure wish I could get some peace and quiet around here!" It does sound pretty good, doesn't it? If you are craving some peace and quiet, NOW is the time to reserve a room for CREATING QUIET SPACES: A 24-hour Directed Spiritual Retreat. I am super excited to share this year's theme: JOY! Is the reality of life stealing your JOY? Are you longing to hear from God, but can't get past the clutter on your desk, on your calendar, in your own mind? Does your spiritual life lack the intimacy that your heart longs for and God's word declares? Is God calling you to come away with Him? If your answer is YES to even ONE of these questions, come away with us. Our Father-God has declared that "THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH!" God wants to clear the clutter, adjust your agenda, quiet your soul, RESTORE YOUR JOY. I can't think of a better way to begin a New Year. The dates are Friday, January 31st, Saturday, February 1, and Sunday, February 2nd. This year we are offering THREE packages: 24-Hour Retreat: Friday, 5pm - [...]

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Woven Gifted Hands: A Beautiful Night!

What a beautiful night! This week we spent an evening at The Courage House, a residential treatment center for women with addictions (chocolate does not qualify!). Gifted Hands is one of the many ways our Woven Women extend a hand to our community. Each month our Woven team provides a hands-on project for these women to create. The time is incredibly sweet. They didn't know we were coming this time, so the women were taken by surprise. Many of them were new residents and unfamiliar with our purpose or plan. They rely on structure and routine to cope, so the walls involuntarily flared up and wounded hearts seemed to shut down. Once we got everything ready, the melting and weaving of hearts began. I introduced our team and announced our purpose: "We love to love on women, so this is your lucky night! That is...if you like being loved on!" They laughed and we proceeded to go around the table and learn their names (of course, I also made a game of that to lighten it up). Woven Leader Kitty Roahrig shared how much our church and Woven groups have meant to her, how they have grown her as a person. She explained the Sock Snowman project. [...]

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Trading My Sorrows

In our Woven groups this month, we've been discussing the following passage from Proverbs 31: "She gets up while it is still dark... She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night." vs. 15,18 I happen to be "up while it is still dark" this morning, writing this message to you! At face value, we may be wondering if this woman ever sleeps. Perhaps she is vigilant, watching, waiting, prepared. Having just hosted my grandbabes for the past 3 nights, I'm thinking that perhaps she is a mother of small children. Waiting for the next cough or for their desperate cries in the night: that can keep a woman on guard! But I believe the "profitable trading" this woman is doing is an exchange with the Most High God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Designer of You and Me. Oh yeah, this woman is trading in her sorrows and shame, exchanging those things that haunt her thoughts, attack her esteem and steal from her the joy of healthy loving relationships. This woman sets the standard. She is praying before her feet hit the floor in the morning...before she closes her eyes at night! On those sleepless nights? She prays. She gives God her [...]

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Woven: Free Women

Free women are a catalyst for freeing women. There is a movement among women to make a greater impact around the world. It follows the mission of Jesus, as spoken by the prophet Isaiah "to heal the heartbroken, announce freedom to all captives, pardon all prisoners."  Woven embraces this mission. WE are a part of this movement. But we cannot bring freedom for others unless we are free women. As we release our inhibitions, our biases, our fears, all that separates us begins to melt away. We simply surrender continually to the One who surrendered everything for us. We break the stereotypical chains of competition amongst our gender. In doing so, we become dispensers of God's endless grace: loving and accepting each other exactly where we are in our journey. We may even discover that we are His answer to each other's prayers. This video is so empowering for all women. I pray it encourages your heart TODAY to a degree that EVERY DAY you will seek to know WHO YOU ARE by embracing WHO HE IS! And when that happens, together we will join in this ancient (yet relevant) chorus of praise...  I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God!     For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation     and draped me in [...]

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Woven Season 5 Begins!

  ...And do we have a fun event planned for you? Of course we do! Your Woven Women leadership team has been anticipating this evening of connecting with all our gal-pals. We can't wait to embrace our old friends and make new ones! Our theme this year is FREE 2 B you& me. We're super excited to share our love for God, for each other, and for this incredible Woven ministry. Wow! God is changing us from the inside out and He will do the same for you. There's no way we would even consider stunting our spiritual growth by not continuing to enter into this love arena and allowing Him to stretch our hearts be Woven with more and more women. Life changing: that's what we're all about...because that's what HE IS ALL ABOUT!! The only way for you to even fathom what our Kick-off Event on Monday, September 9th will be like is to BE THERE! This is open to ALL WOMEN!!! It takes place at THE FIREHOUSE, 127 Maholm Street, Newark, Ohio. (see more: Informational Flyer) For example: Did you know that one of our Leaders is Rainbow the Clown? (Tee he!) Can you guess who? And, just wait [...]

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Welcome to the new home of Woven Women!

We're still in a bit of transition here at CynthiaStiverson.com, but I'm so glad you found us! After a bit of housekeeping, this home page will replace our Woven Women blogspot. The dream is that in this space we can share some girl-talk and God-thoughts while our hearts become "Woven into a tapestry of love" (Col. 2:2-3). I'm naming this space Notes from The Nook in celebration of the breakfast nook in our new-old home. This has become a very special non-virtual place where hearts are truly being melted into one. We want to invite our virtual guests to join us in this love meltdown! You can read more about The Nook in the little sidebar to the right. And, stay tuned! I will begin posting updates here on our Woven Women ministries with new devotionals and reposts from the Woven Women blog. Thanks so much! We are Woven! ~Cindy

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