Woven Girls’ Night Out 1-2-3!


Yes, there is a double meaning intended in this statement because LOVING OUR GALS and LOVING GOD is what we’re all about!! AND…When we have an entire evening devoted to exactly that? Well, it’s pretty amazing!! Yes, it is!

Our 1st WGNO was in June, but in my heart it began as early as January.


That’s what I kept hearing from God. An opportunity for women to gather and share their personal stories, to be real, transparent, and to know that we are never alone in what we are facing, that there is no shame in where we have been, no secrets that need to be kept in the closet, no skeletons worth preserving.

And lo and behold, THE GLORY of our Girls’ Nights! (yes, men, you should be a bit envious of this!). The schedule is consistent, but all else is a work of the Holy Spirit. We begin at 6:30pm by coming alone or bringing a guest. You won’t be a loner here! None are able to escape our embrace. Food and drinks await you; love greets you at the door. The fun begins!

Arrive at 7pm, and you are awakened by the sound of music! Praise fills the temple and we lift our hearts as one. We’ve been so blessed by talented worship leaders and we love to surprise you each month with the unexpected. Woven Leader Julie Hunt in June, College Student Jenna Billman with her mom, Bonnie, as back-up in July, and coming up WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13th: our new friends and special guests Michelle Davis & Susan Hatch will be leading us in worship.Jenna Billman

Each month I have the privilege of hearing God’s heart for you and translating that into a brief message followed by ONE WOMAN’S STORY, which is a God-selected sister who shares her personal story on the evening’s topic. Monica Stevenson blessed us in June with her journey to Christ. In July, Nancy Jozwiak reached deep into the pain, tragedies, and losses of her life for our topic of Grieving Losses.

August brings us to the topic of Self-Image: Finding our Identity in Christ; Jenn Cuevas will be sharing her story.

The Holy Spirit applies these stories to our hearts as we have an opportunity to share with the friends around us. All the while, we are giving life and breath, shape and form to our own personal story…

We’re finding healing and common threads of life experiences.

We’re discovering that we are not alone in what we’ve suffered, and we’re not expected to walk alone in what we’re facing each day.

All of that leads us to the throne in prayer, praise, worship…celebrating the ONE who has WOVEN our hearts as one. Unity. Oneness. Loving your sister as yourself. Loving God with all that you have and all that you are. That’s what we’re talking about…WE’RE NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT IT: WE ARE DOING IT!!

Will you join us? Be WOVEN with us? EVERY WOMAN ON THIS PLANET IS INVITED! 🙂 None left behind unless it’s too far to drive. If so, please contact me and ask how you can start WOVEN in your area.  

WOVEN GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT: Wednesday, August 13th, 2014, 6:30pm-8:30pm


24 Mill Street, Newark, OH



copyright Cynthia Stiverson.com WovenWomen lace

“I want you WOVEN into a tapestry of love…” Col.2:2





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  1. Julie Lamb Strong September 6, 2014 at 11:48 am - Reply

    Awesome night! Can’t wait until this month GNO!!!

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