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I’ve learned that life doesn’t always go as planned…

But God has a plan!!
As a divorced mom in my early twenties, I was committed to being a stay-home mom, so I started my own business of 15 years as a Designing Craftsman. As my daughter entered high school, I became a widow, which led me to the campus of Mt. Vernon Nazarene University. I graduated with a call to ministry and a degree in Theology. I continued my studies at Ashland Seminary and Nazarene Theological Seminary.

These educational opportunities combined with my love for people have opened doors to serve as staff pastor at Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene, Senior Pastor of Homer Presbyterian Church, and Evangelist to the US and South Africa. I’ve even had the privilege of being an Adjunct Professor at my alma mater, MVNU! I had the honor of serving as  Church Planter and Founding Pastor of The Shepherds House along with various outreach projects to those in need. An assignment that will forever be etched in my heart is the 9 months I served as a crisis responder in NYC following the World Trade Center attack of 911.

In 1998, God gave me a vision which launched the ministry of my heart…Woven Women. My heart longed to minister to hurting people, and being female, I genuinely relate to the needs of women. My joy has been to develop and equip women leaders, using their gifts to help set others free. God has provided this platform to help others understand His infinite love for victims, the marginalized, wounded and in need.  I speak at conferences and retreats across the US and overseas, where I have shared my story and His message of Hope.

I’ve discovered that I must write!

I love to blog the thoughts and lessons the Lord has taught me in hopes to bring some comfort into the lives of others.  My “Notes from the Nook” and on Pearl Girls. I have had the blessing of  being a contributing author to several books in The Ultimate Series, Pearl Girls and also a book written by my awesome daughter Nicole entitled, Breathe. I have written four Woven Workbooks as a tool for leading Women’s Ministries and growing Godly friendships between women.

So you see, I’m a busy girl!

But I am never to busy for YOU! It is a joy to offer all that I am and all that God has given me to teach and encourage YOU to be all that He intended you to be!  I also love my role as an Arbonne Consultant and Area Manager: just another avenue to make new friendships and encourage women to discover their full potential while looking and feeling beautiful!

I’ve had a variety of triumphs and my share of storms.

But overall my greatest achievement is raising my beautiful daughter, Nicole Braddock Bromley. She and Matt have blessed this Grammy’s heart with two perfectly adorable grandsons!  I am blessed to have the love of my life, Mark Stiverson, to support me as I seek more and more of God’s great adventure for my life and encourage You to do the same!

We are Woven Women!

I am overjoyed to be the head cheerleader for countless women who continue to find strength, purpose, joy and freedom within the fabric of  this sisterhood. I especially love pastoring the women of Newark Church of the Nazarene, Newark, Ohio, where I currently direct an incredible team of leaders and lovers of God through the Woven ministry. We are preparing to reach women around the globe with God’s love!

Will you join us on this journey of love?

“I want you Woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God” ~Col. 2:2-3

“I see my life in chapters, and in every chapter, God was there, preparing me for the next.”

I know from experience that life doesn’t always go as planned. My perfect world came to a crashing halt when I discovered that my husband was living a double life. One week later, he committed suicide. How would I pick up the pieces? My life was a wreck. How did I get here?

I discovered that in order to move forward, I had to go back. Shame was the common thread that crippled my life. It was deeply rooted from my childhood:  child of an alcoholic, victim of sexual abuse, divorce, infidelity.  And now, here I was: a widow of the man who sexually abused my daughter. Where was God in the midst of this?

I discovered He was with me the entire time, waiting for me to totally trust Him with my life, my pain, my future. I had nothing left to lose. I surrendered everything to God. It felt as though He used a giant syringe to extract  my pain and infuse me with His love, joy, and peace! I envisioned myself as a beautiful bride dressed in white and He was my groom. This was my new beginning!

What is your life like?

What burdens are you carrying? What battles do you face today? I am certain that just as God has been faithful to me, He will be faithful to you. My greatest desire is to help you discover the loving and personal God that I have come to know.