We Are Woven Women

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SINCE 1998, thousands of women have found encouragement, support, and friendship through this unique ministry.

YOU are invited to join them…

WOVEN was born through the prayers of one woman, and has become the answer to prayer for numerous women.

WOVEN is a spiritual formation and fellowship ministry. It is an avenue through which you will become more intimately acquainted with yourself, with other women, and with the Lord. You will discover a deeper point of connection within the body of Christ.


We know how busy you are!
That’s why WOVEN is a commitment of only one evening per month for 6-9 months per year. Each month consists of a brief scripture lesson with interactive questions, but there is No Homework!
The focus is on nurturing relationships!
Rev. Cynthia Stiverson introduces this ministry through interactive workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements. Her gift of hospitality brings this ministry to life even in a larger setting. You will walk away feeling fulfilled by having connected with God and with other women on a deeper level.
As founder of Woven, Cynthia has authored four workbooks to help you begin and lead your group sessions:

Free 2B you & me

Entertaining Angels

A Tapestry of Love

A Celebration of Creation