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Drawing from her experience as church planter & pastor, retreat speaker & women’s ministry director, evangelist & revivalist, Cindy is adaptable to most any topic, audience, or venue.
She is especially adept in areas of spiritual formation, inner healing, prayer, and the call of God.


Keynote: Life Through A Rear-View Mirror

My perfect world came to a crashing halt with the discovery that my husband was living a double life. One week later, a second head-on collision when he committed suicide. How do we pick up the pieces when our life is a wreck?

This is my personal testimony of God’s redeeming, transforming, healing love!

Keynote: Coming of Age

Do you wonder if your prayers are making a difference for your future, the future of your family, or for your children? This is a testimony of how my simple prayer at age thirteen was answered a generation later and will have a ripple effect for generations to come.

Weekend Retreat: FREE 2 BE You & Me!

Experience God’s Father-heart for you. Three session format:

  • Uncover your False Self
  • Discover your True Identity
  • Recover God’s Unique Plan for Your Life

“Free women are a catalyst for freeing women.” When we make the effort to embrace each other as unique individuals, God truly sets us FREE! And He empowers us to set each other FREE!

  • The Mission: “to put off the old self…and to put on the new self” Ephesians 4:22-25
  • The Vision: “And we…are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory…” II Cor. 3:18

Weekend Retreat:  Outstretched Arms

Exploring the Creative, Compassionate, Hospitable Heart of God. Three session format:

  • A Kingdom Purpose
  • A Kingdom Passion
  • A Kingdom Perspective

Do you need to feel needed? God is calling us together for a common purpose: a Kingdom Purpose fueled by Holy Spirit Passion, larger than any of us can accomplish alone. And it’s as simple as allowing Him to use us right where we are!

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” ~Esther 4:14

Weekend Retreat:  Men of God: Armored & Dangerous

A Men’s Retreat based on Ephesians 6, the spiritual armor of God.

Creating Quiet Spaces: A Directed Spiritual Retreat

Methods and practices that will enhance your quiet time and your ability to hear from God. A 24 hour or 48 hour retreat held at Sts. Peter & Paul Retreat Center in Newark, Ohio or at your facility.

Grasp the Power…& Run with it!

A series of messages on the infilling of the Holy Spirit based on Philippians 3:10. Perfect for empowering leaders in the church through Laymen’s Retreats, Leadership Retreats, Staff Retreats, etc.

Journey With Jesus

A series of encouraging and empowering gospel messages to live and love like Jesus.